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Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

12 years of sheet metal fabrication and cabinet with CNC hardware processing

ISO 9001: 2015 | Engineers with more than 17 years of experience | One-to-one counterpart service

Specializing in Metal Manufacturing and Metal Parts Production
Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. / (Feito Hardware) is an enterprise specializing in sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, CNC processing, and the design and development of precision metal parts. We can provide cutting, stamping, bending, riveting, welding, lathe, milling, powder metallurgy, and other processing and assembly processes. Products are widely used in optical communications, power equipment, sensors, SMT, electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, automobiles, and other industries. And with the upgrading of customers’ products and increasing requirements, our production capacity and processing range are constantly improving.


Our team

We have an experienced team, key technical personnel and production management personnel with more than 17 years of industry experience, with excellent work quality and professionalism, aiming at customer requirements, providing good services and quality products.
We focus on the products we are proficient and familiar with, and do our best in the area of metal processing.
We attach great importance to team management, because only an efficient and high-quality team can make better products and better serve customers!

Our factory

We have great advantages in sheet metal processing and CNC precision machining. Most of the products we undertake are related to it. We have accumulated a wealth of technical experience and the supporting processing equipment is very complete! In terms of surface treatment, we also have a complete supply chain, able to provide a variety of different surface treatment methods and colorful appearance effects.
Processing equipment: laser cutting, CNC punching machine, ordinary punching machine, CNC bending machine, riveting machine, drilling machine, grinder, milling machine, tapping machine, automatic lathe, ordinary lathe, CNC machining center, pipe bending machine, rolling machine, welding machine,……


Engineer with 10 years of experience in hardware processing and rich technical experience


Focus on the products we are proficient and familiar with, and do our best in the field of metal processing


Passed ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification, with a complete quality control process and quality specialists

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